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Connectivity is Broken! So What? *** PRE-ORDER NOW***

Jeppe Hansgaard, CEO of Innovisor & the rest of the Innovisor team
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eBook Release is expected early January 2024

This ebook speaks to societal challenges leading to isolation and loneliness, but also organizational struggles with M&A, DEI, Hybrid Work, Team Work, and so forth. It will provide previously non-published evidence on how connectivity is broken, and show a way forward towards better performance, engagement and overall wellbeing.

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The author is Jeppe Hansgaard, the CEO and founder of Innovisor, a boutique advisory and global front runner within change analytics and organizational network analysis. This is his second book following 'Another Change Fiasco? Now What?'.

Innovisor has the ambitious vision of eliminating change fiasco and has a tremendous track record of success helping everything from top-100 companies and leading brands to hyper growth start-ups in more than 70 countries.

In its efforts to achieve the vision Innovisor has made groundbreaking discoveries talked about by the global change community: that the right 3% of the people inside an organization determine change success, and that 6 change blockers continuously lead to change fiasco.

Since 2015, Jeppe has openly shared learnings, anecdotes, and findings with the change management community from the Innovisor work through blog posts, articles, and tweets. He is become a sought-after speaker to executive groups, leadership programs and MBA-programs at leading business schools around the world. He and the work of Innovisor has been featured in numerous podcasts, +20 business bestselling books, and in global media outlets, such as CNN, BBC, Wall Street Journal, Forbes and FAST Company.

Jeppe earned his Executive MBA from Henley Business School in UK and later supplemented it with courses from Stanford School of Professional Development in USA.

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The new evidence-based on how to connect your people for better performance!

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Connectivity is Broken! So What? *** PRE-ORDER NOW***

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